Ups Tentative Agreement

The treaty must be ratified by the majority of UPS pilots. The pilots` vote will end on 31 March. After ratification, the new agreement extends the IPA contract with UPS until 1 September 2023. “Our pilots are doing a great job of flying for our customers, which is why we are pleased to have agreed with IPA management to extend the existing contract,” said Brendan Canavan, President of UPS Airlines. “After ratification, we will be able to continue to reward our employees for their contribution to UPS`s growth and success, while ensuring that we are able to serve our customers in the expanding global air market.” Q: Is there a language in the agreement in which UPS will actually start to advance the charges? What should prevent UPS from charging 22.4 drivers on Saturdays and Sundays and laying off Monday`s RPCDs (ordinary parcel drivers)? LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – UPS Airlines and the union representing their pilots have announced an interim agreement on the renewal of the contract. LOUISVILLE, Ky., February 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Independent Pilots Association (IPA) and UPS Airlines (NYSE:UPS) today announced an interim agreement on a new two-year contract extension. “Over the next month, we will present our crew members with this interim agreement to renew a two-year contract with a recommendation for full ratification,” said Captain Robert Travis, President of the IAP. “This interim agreement is unanimously approved and approved by the five-member PPI Board of Directors.” Concrete details of the agreement will not be disclosed until the proposed contract is submitted to the pilots. One of the main elements of the interim agreement is the annual increase in wages and the increase in pensions. A: The contract provides for an increase in pension and sickness and social security funds of USD 5.00 per hour, $1.00 per hour for each year of the agreement. Each pension fund determines whether the new money leads to an increase in the monthly benefit. As you know, the financial situation of pension funds is very different.

The negotiating committee is not in a position to make promises on what a particular fund will do with the new money. Q: Are there any additional increases under the UPS/IBT plan during the duration of the agreement? The short-term agreement provides for contractual improvements in pay and retirement. Specific details of the agreement will not be disclosed until the PPI presents the proposed contract to all UPS drivers. UPS (NYSE:UPS) and the Independent Pilots Association, the union representing the company`s 2,959 flight crew members, have tentatively agreed to a two-year contract extension. A: While there was agreement on the core part of the contract, some of the additions were still finalized. The extension also reassures members that they will continue to receive pay cheques without interruption, unless there is a need to strike. It also reassures customers that they can continue to ship with UPS, which avoids the loss of businesses that could result in the dismissal of members. A: The new agreement requires UPS to create 5,000 new full-time jobs. By the end of the contract, there will be at least 2,000 additional Sleeper teams, which will create openings if these positions are filled.

The new language requires that, in sites using 22.4 combination engines, ALL CD BE filled from the inside, which means that the current “6 vs. 1” adjustment ratio must disappear, giving UPS an opening that, from the outside, will offer offers for the seven positions. In a press release announcing the agreement, the Independent Pilots Association said the two-year contract included improvements in pay and pensions. . A: The extension provides that all economic improvements will be effective retroactively to August 1. UPS pilots will review the contract by March 10 and then proceed with a three-week ratification vote, which ends on March 31.