Ripe Maintenance Agreement

7.7 After termination and with the exception of the replacement of an agreement with another agreement for the same independent internet number resources, in accordance with paragraph 7.9, the end user is no longer permitted and refrains from using independent Internet number resources and independent Internet number resources may be allocated to other end-users by the NCC. The end user understands and accepts that he has not argued and does not initiate any claim against the ITA or the RIPE NCC for the continued use of independent internet number resources. 10.4 THE intellectual property of the NCC RIPE (agreements, documents, software, databases, websites, etc.) may only be used, reproduced and made available to third parties with prior written authorization from the NCC RIPE. 3.1 The end user can request an assignment via the corresponding application form (available under 8.2 The legacy holder agrees that, for the purposes of this agreement and the use of Legacy Services, the LIR sponsorship must submit all documents relevant to this agreement, including the extract from the legacy holder of the trade register, to which the NCC RIPE. 11.1 All agreements between the NCC RIPE and the member are governed by Dutch law. This agreement sets out the conditions under which sponsorship-LIR is intended to facilitate legacy holders access to RIPE NCC services with respect to their legacy Internet resources. 3.1 THE NCC RIPE undertakes to make RIPE NCC services available to the member and the Member acknowledges and accepts that he has been granted the right to use the NCC RIPE services under the terms of this Agreement. Local Internet Registration (LIR) in the RIPE region may require independent internet resources from the NCC RIPE to enable end-users to be used on their internal networks in accordance with the applicable RIPE guidelines for the allocation of independent internet numbering resources to end-users ( This agreement sets out the conditions under which the LIR asks the end user to allocate the NCC RIPE independent internet number resource and maintain this allocation for the duration of the agreement. Upon receipt of the request for an agreement, the ITA sends the end user two copies of the agreement, duly signed by an LIR agent. Please return a signed copy of this contract as well as a copy of an excerpt from the trade register or an equivalent document attesting to the recording of the end user`s activities with national authorities.