Removing One Person From Tenancy Agreement

Ask your landlord to change the name of the contract if the person wants to leave – what is called “assignment.” If you cannot do so, your rental agreement will not stop legally and you can still be sued for rent if you leave. Check your consent for all termination conditions to leave when the fixed life ends. If you both want to go, you should try to end your lease if you can. As a general rule, it`s not worth going to court to transfer your rental agreement if you have guaranteed short-term rent – unless your landlord is a housing company. The end of a fixed-term contract does not always mean the end of your lease and lease obligation, even if you move. A lease is like any contract. As a general rule, the lease is required to pay the rent and, in return, the landlord is required to provide habitable housing. Most leases do not remove a tenant`s financial obligation to the landlord simply because a tenant decides to evacuate, but leaves it to other tenants. The 2017 SFAA residential tenancy agreement deals directly with this point: you have a common lease if more than one designated tenant is included in your contract. If you are threatened with violence, you may be considered a legal homeless person and seek assistance from the Council. Before you can legally withdraw someone from a common lease: you have to go to court to transfer a lease, so it`s best to try to get an agreement with your ex-partner first if you can. When you divorce, you can usually include a transfer of the lease in your divorce proceedings. A simple possibility would be to consider a new agreement on a new name base and a new beginning, instead of trying to transfer an existing agreement.

Make sure, in both cases, that the legal documents are properly completed. You can still move out of the building, but you remain subject to rent as long as the lease continues. If only one of you wants to move, you must first check the type of rental you have. You can check what rent you can check with the Shelter rental agreement. If you separate from your partner during your joint lease and decide that you no longer wish to live together, you should terminate your lease.