Executive Management Services Agreement

In the absence of a written agreement, the worker is an executive employee when the circumstances described in Article 8.1 of the worker`s status are fulfilled (the employment contract can be formalized either in writing or or orally. A working relationship exists when a person provides a service in the name and management of another (and the person providing the service receives compensation) and the professional service complies with the scope defined in section 1.2 of Royal Order 1382/1985. Management`s special working relationship focuses on mutual trust between the parties, based on the exercise of their rights and obligations in good faith. The written contract should be established where the worker (who is bound to the company under the standard employment contract) encourages the exercise of management services in the same company or in another company associated with it as part of the group or in some other form of cooperation. (d) If the company has a board of directors overseeing the company`s business, the company encourages management to be a member. At the end of the trial period during which no retraction was made, the contract, including the time of the services previously provided to the company, is fully effective. (g) waiver of benefits. The Board of Directors recognizes that it will not receive any benefits from the company in connection with the management services provided in this section, unless expressly stated in section 4, and waive any entitlement to benefits arising from all company retirement plans, social assistance plans, tax-treated savings plans and other benefit agreements for workers, including all insurance or trust agreements that are maintained for the benefit of company employees. The company assures and guarantees that (a) it is fully authorized and empowered to conclude this agreement and that its Board of Directors has approved the terms of this agreement; (b) that the implementation of this agreement and the performance of its obligations under this agreement do not violate or result in the terms of a substantial agreement; (c) no authorization is required for the conclusion of this contract by a public authority or authority and (d) the agreement is valid, binding and applicable against the company in accordance with its terms, unless the existing bankruptcy law or other laws regulating the rights of creditors in general and all provisions or interpretations of the company are. The Executive ensures and ensures that the performance of this agreement and the fulfilment of its obligations and responsibilities under this Agreement do not violate or entail the terms of an essential agreement to which it is involved or to which it is bound.

CONSIDERING that the company wishes to retain the services of the executive and conclude this agreement at the time of its entry into force. the whole agreement between them and replaces all previous agreements and agreements between the parties that respect the employment by the executive company, and that the provisions of this agreement cannot be amended, repealed or exempted, unless such an exemption, amendment or discharge is agreed in writing by the parties. One of the parties not expressly specified in this agreement has not entered into an agreement or oral or other assurance, explicit or implied regarding the purpose of this agreement. In the event of a simple suspension of the old standard employment contract, which has been transferred to the specific employment relationship, the worker has the option of prolonging the employment relationship without infringing on the compensation rights arising from the dismissal.