Annexation Agreements Illinois

The city has standard models for annexation requests and annexation agreements. If you are interested in the annexation of the City of Woodstock, please contact the Building and Zoning Department at (815) 338-4305. The annexation consists of the integration of an adjoining area into an existing commune, with a change in the enterprise boundaries of that commune. Appendices can be made in different ways, but voluntary annexation is the preferred method. By this method, a landowner or group of real estate owners requests that real estate be annexed to the city in accordance with Illinois state law. Applications for annexation are the most common because an owner wants municipal services such as drinking water and sanitary sewers. The city can also enter into an annexation agreement with the petitioner through powers assigned to Illinois state municipalities. The annexation agreements allow both the city and the owners of the land to be attached to determine the relationship between them and to predict the future development of the land before the annexation. Annexation agreements provide an advanced means of planning and negotiation, which must lead to a more logical development of property, without imposing unjustified costs on existing citizens.

Unless another zoning map change wishes after the annexation, all lands attached to the city are called R, Residential District.