Agreement For The Provision Of Consultancy Engineering Services

5 3. PRINCIPLES OF CALCULATION: 3-1: Project costs are calculated first on the basis of the provisional costs of the project, then on the basis of the assumed price of the offer, and then on the actual costs of the project that make the final payment to the contractor. The above rates for the various phases of the project are adjusted based on the data in effect at the time of payment. 3-2: the actual cost of the project consists of all payments to the contractor, payments against the contractors` claims, net of all penalties deducted by the contractor, and the fair assessment of the work, equipment or equipment benefits that the contractor makes available to the contractor. The actual costs of the project are excluded from the following costs. – The owner`s administrative costs. Govt. compulsory royalties. – Capital interest during the completion period. – The price of the land. 3-3: The taxes payable to the councillor concerned do not include: – the cost of additional copies of the drawings.

– The cost of external and internal investigations and models. – Flexible studies are required for construction work and other tests. – Furniture layout plans and interior decorations work. – Official licenses and document fees. OWNERS` OBLIGATIONS 1. The owner undertakes not to make any changes to the projects or to give technical instructions, except by the advisor. If the owner does not comply with this condition, the advisor is not liable for the consequences of such changes or instructions. 2. If the owner has an obligation to appoint a supervisor, he follows the instructions of the advisors and, in the event of non-compliance, the advisor is not responsible for the technical and legal obligations arising from the contract; provided that the official authorities and the owner are informed accordingly. 5 4 CONSULTANT`S DUTIES – RESPONSIBILITIES: 1.

Adopt acceptable business principles and practices and the complacency of the owner`s interests and requirements, without prejudice to the terms and other rights of the contracting parties. 2. Check the strength and compliance with the specifications of the materials used and refuse defectors.